Every certification begins with the ag technology provider, or "ATP," answering 10 questions about how the ATP collects, uses, shares, and protects farmers' agricultural data.  Here are the 10 questions:

  1. What categories of data does the product or service collect from me (the farmer)?

  2. Do the Ag Technology Provider’s (ATP’s) agreements address ownership of my data after my data is transferred to the ATP?

  3. If the ATP contracts with other companies to provide data related services, does the ATP require these companies to adhere to the ATP’s privacy policies with me?

  4. Will the ATP obtain my consent before providing other companies with access to my data?

  5. After I upload data to the ATP, will it be possible to retrieve my original complete dataset in an original or equivalent format? 

  6. Will the ATP notify me when its agreements change?

  7. Will the ATP notify me if a breach of data security occurs that causes disclosure of my data to an outside party?

  8. Upon my request, can my original dataset be deleted when my contract with the ATP terminates?

  9. Do the ATP’s agreements establish how long my original datasets will be retained? 

  10. Do the ATP’s agreements address what happens to my data if the ATP is sold to another company?