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ADT Certified Company Feature

Each month, we will feature an Ag Data Transparent Certified company in our newsletter highlighting their trustworthy services and spotlighting the success they have had with Ag Data Transparency. This month’s featured member company is AgDNA and their farm-management platform:


In 2009, one of the future founders of Conservis had just finished speaking at an ag conference when a group of farmers approached his table. They were having a heck of a time with harvest and were beyond frustrated. There were multiple trucks in multiple fields running to multiple destinations. Spreadsheets, hand-written records and receipts were piling up. Trying to manage it all—from scheduling to tracking yields to reconciling payments—was out of control. Real money was blowing away in the wind. That’s how Conservis got its start one decade ago: simply by listening.

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Ideas Worth Sharing 💭

FCC AgExpert, your partner on the farm

“Who owns my data?” That is the most common question the AgExpert team hears as it trumpets the value of our farm management software across the country. With ADT certified AgExpert, the answer is simple: you own your data and always have the ability to take it with you. That assurance is chipping away at the uncertainty farmers have felt in the past about sharing their data. Our team has been meeting with accountants, customers and ag industry partners and it’s exciting to see trust building as we work to support the industry’s growth through better farm management.

Our team recently presented at AgSmart at Olds College, a close AgExpert partner. This new event focuses on data and technology within the agricultural sector. People asked important questions about how companies collect, use, store and share their data. It feels good to confidently provide the assurance that AgExpert is dedicated to protecting privacy, building trust and being transparent. The ADT seal shows they can trust us with their information.

It’s so important that we keep sharing the AgExpert story. The more insight shared around data ownership, the more empowered those in the industry will be to become better business managers.

Fred Wall, FCC Vice-President, Marketing
August 2019

Trending Topics 📈

What would happen to Ag data once provided to platforms? Would tech providers use farmers data for their own purposes? Could the farmer ever get this data back? Should they trust providers,?

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If you believe the latest hype about technology, you’d think that blockchain technology is going to transform every business by next Wednesday. Of course, that’s not the case, but the agrifood system seems custom-designed for the technology.

Conservis, the global leader in enterprise farm management software, announces an integration enabling growers to sync AgOtter spray records into the Conservis platform.

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