AgIntegrated, Inc.


1. What categories of data does the product or service collect from me?

  • Agronomic Data

  • Land Data

  • Farm Management Data

  • Machine Data

  • Weather Data

Onsite collects normal identification information during account set up. Thereafter, Onsite collects any information the user transmits or receives through the Onsite service. This may include all categories of data, such as data files from machines, information about a user’s land, farm management data, agronomic data and weather and climate data, depending upon what information the user elects to send or receive through the Onsite system. These terms are described in our Privacy Policy.


2. Do the ATP’s agreements address ownership of my data after my data is transferred?

As explained in our Privacy Policy, the user maintains ownership of all data and information that the user sends to Onsite.




3. If the ATP contracts with other companies to provide data related services, does the ATP require these companies to adhere to the ATP’s privacy policies with me?

Only the user determines other companies or people with whom the user’s data may be shared through the Onsite service. The user does this by making elections within Onsite to allow the user’s data or information to be shared with third parties. Any third parties with whom the user elects to share data or information must also be authorized Onsite users, and therefore abide by the terms of service for Onsite and the Privacy Policy. Although cloud service providers utilized by the Onsite are not required to adhere to the Onsite’s privacy policies, these service providers do not have the ability to distribute or disclose your data.


4. Will the ATP obtain my consent before providing other companies with access to my data?

As stated in our Privacy Policy, no other companies will be provided access to the user’s data without specific authorization from the user.


5. After I upload data to the ATP, will it be possible to retrieve my original complete dataset in an original or equivalent format?

Provided all subscription amounts due have been paid and the subscription has not expired for more than 30 days, the user can obtain from Onsite the original data and information that the user transmitted to Onsite. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.


6. Will the ATP notify me when its agreements change?

Changes to Onsite’s Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy will be posted on the website. Also, registered users will receive email notification of the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy changes.


7. Will the ATP notify me if a breach of data security occurs that causes disclosure of my data to an outside party?

As explained in our Privacy Policy, Onsite will notify the user of any unauthorized data access of which Onsite becomes aware.


8. Upon my request, can my original dataset be deleted when my contract with the ATP terminates?

Onsite will delete a user’s data upon request at any time and within thirty (30) days after the end of a subscription term. Onsite may retain an archival copy of a user’s data or information, without any further use or distribution of the user’s data except for Onsite’s protection. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.


9. Do the ATP’s agreements establish how long my original datasets will be retained?

As long as the user remains a current subscriber of the Onsite service, the user’s datasets are maintained in backup versions. After a user’s subscription term has expired without renewal, the user’s data may not be returned to the user unless a request is made by the user within thirty (30) days after the subscription term ends. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.


10. Do the ATP’s agreements address what happens to my data if the ATP is sold to another company?

The Onsite Privacy Policy requires that any new owner of the ATP will be obligated to abide by the Privacy Policy as it is in effect at that time. The new owner may change the Privacy Policy only in accordance with the terms (which require notice to the user).