Granular's evaluation is currently expired. The evaluation below references the Granular contracts at the time of certification. These contracts have since changed. When updated, the expiration will be removed.  

1. What categories of data does the product or service collect from me?

  • Agronomic Data

  • Land Data

  • Farm Management Data

  • Machine Data

  • Weather Data

Granular collects any or all of the following, if the customer chooses to include: i. Operational and agronomic data such as plans or actuals related to planting, product application, scouting, irrigation and harvesting, including what products are used, which tasks are done, when, and by whom; ii. Land data such as digital shape files of customer’s field boundaries as well as ownership and lease information related to those field boundaries; iii. Financial data such costs associated with operational and agronomic activities, contracts and settlement information, and other data related to revenue, costs or resultant profit for a customer’s operation; iv. Machine data that is imported on a customer’s behalf from third-party equipment manufacturers or software companies; and v. Weather and climate data sourced through proprietary weather stations or other sources. This is further contained in Section 1.12 of the Agreement. More.


2. Do the ATP’s agreements address ownership of my data after my data is transferred?

As specified in our Section 3.1 of our Agreement, the producer owns the data that he/she puts into Granular. We reserve a license for certain use of that data, primarily for the farmer’s benefit, as outlined in our agreement. More.


3. If the ATP contracts with other companies to provide data related services, does the ATP require these companies to adhere to the ATP’s privacy policies with me?

Under Section 4.3 of our Agreement, we are bound to maintain the confidentiality of customers’ data when engaging other companies to provide data related services. Likewise, section 4.3 requires such other companies to maintain customers’ data as confidential. More.


4. Will the ATP obtain my consent before providing other companies with access to my data?

We are not permitted to provide third parties with access to your data except in two circumstances, as outlined in Sections 4.3 and 4.4 of our Agreement. 1) On a confidential basis to Our employees, service providers, consultants, representatives and agents who would need to have access to your data for the provision of Granular’s services; and 2) If disclosure was compelled by an applicable court, legislative or administrative body, under Federal or State law, or if necessary to protect personal safety or prevent breaking the law. More.


5. After I upload data to the ATP, will it be possible to retrieve my original complete dataset in an original or equivalent format?

Granular may in some cases convert customers’ data into a different digital format than originally submitted. However, the data is accessible by customers upon request during the term of their agreement or up to 30 days after terminating the service. This is outlined in Section 3.6 of our Agreement and Brand. More.


6. Will the ATP notify me when its agreements change?

Our commitment to provide notice of changes to our software services agreement is found in Section 10.3 of the Agreement. In the event we modify the terms, we will notify our customers of the change. The customers have the ability to consent to the changes by continued use of the Services or may contact Granular in the event they do not consent. More.


7. Will the ATP notify me if a breach of data security occurs that causes disclosure of my data to an outside party?

We will notify customers if their data is inadvertently breached or disclosed to a third party, as specified in Section 10.5 of the Agreement – General Provisions. More.


8. Upon my request, can my original dataset be deleted when my contract with the ATP terminates?

Given how we incorporate customer data in our aggregate data set, the original data set cannot be deleted. However, as specified in Section 3.6, we will remove any identifying information from customers’ data upon request, within 30 days of terminating the service. More.


9. Do the ATP’s agreements establish how long my original datasets will be retained?

Under Section 3.6, we agree to maintain a record of customers’ data for at least 30 days following termination of the services. More.


10. Do the ATP’s agreements address what happens to my data if the ATP is sold to another company?

According to Section 10.8, any successor of Granular would have the same rights and obligations with regard to customers’ data as Granular does today. More.