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ADT Certified Company Feature

Each month, we will feature an Ag Data Transparent Certified company in our newsletter highlighting their trustworthy services and spotlighting the success they have had with Ag Data Transparency. This month’s featured member company is AgDNA and their farm-management platform:


When it comes to collecting and utilizing ag data, AgDNA knows a thing or two. So, when Ag Data Transparent came onto the scene offering companies and farmers education around best practices for their data, AgDNA was excited to get involved. Machine data, operational logistics, and financial data all reside in AgDNA. With all that information in one place, AgDNA has always been focused on ensuring that the data is secure and private.

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What Do We Do with the ADT Seal?

From 2012 to today, I have worked with different companies in various roles dealing with precision ag including support, sales, and product management. All of those companies and all of those roles have focused on helping users understand what a given platform does and how it can improve their operations. What a contract says and what it means for the grower, the operation and the data is often overlooked.

Since AgDNA became ADT Certified in 2017, we have used the ADT Seal in in conversations with growers, in presentations and on our website to help spark the conversation about what is happening with growers’ data. Explaining what the ADT Seal represents and walking growers through the 10-question survey that clearly outlines what we are doing with their data presents an opportunity to strengthen the trust in our relationship and put their minds at ease. The sales conversations still focus on what we offer: with ADT Certification, one part of that is peace of mind surrounding data use and security.

Mark Sullivan
Key Account Manager
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With a variety of services and solutions for farmers and ranchers, ADT is always excited to share what is happening with our #ADTCertified companies.

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How to protect your farm data

"Big data has great potential to improve farmers’ bottom line and promote Canadian agriculture and food products to the world. But a farm data study commissioned by FCC Vision in November 2018 had 58 per cent of respondents saying their comfort level with technology has not improved in the past two years."