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ADT Certified Company Feature

Each month, we will feature an Ag Data Transparent Certified company in our newsletter highlighting their trustworthy services and spotlighting the success they have had with Ag Data Transparency. This month’s featured member company is Farm Credit Canada promoting their farm-management platform:


AgExpert, founded in 1983 as Settler Software, was the first agriculture-specific accounting software in Canada. Today, it manages over 6500 active users and 22,000 fields. For proof that AgExpert works, look no further than recent research which shows that AgExpert customers are stronger operators across a wide variety of financial ratios and business outcomes, than were a comparative group. Marketing and Sales Manager Greg Thomarat credits ADT with helping AgExpert ensure trustworthy transparency and gain customers’ confidence, which has proven to be challenging for ag technology providers across the globe.

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Thoughts From The ADT Board 

Improving Ag Technology Contracts: It’s Urgent!
In 2014 and again in 2016 American Farm Bureau (AFB) asked over 3,000 farmers about their trust in ag tech providers handling their data. In addition to AFB’s efforts, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) also surveyed 2000 growers in 2018. Take a look at the results below.
2014 – AFB

  • 78% expressed concern that government officials might gain access to their data

  • 76% worried that ag tech providers could use information collected to the farmers’ detriment

2016 – AFB

  • 77% expressed concern that government officials might gain access to their data

  • 61% worried that ag tech providers could use information collected to the farmers’ detriment

2018 - FCC

  • 25% - less confident in sharing data with outside organizations than 2 years prior

  • 65% - Answered “I am not sure” to a question about how their ag tech contracts treat their data.

These results are ongoing proof that the ag tech industry has to do better.
Ag Data Transparent is working to solve this problem of trust by certifying companies with optimal technology contracts. The Ag Data Transparent certification gives farmers a tool to ensure simple, clear communication in their ag data contracts, and also give ag tech providers a boost in building their clients’ and potential clients’ trust. This is why I believe so strongly in the work Ag Data Transparent does.
Todd Janzen
April 26, 2019

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Conservis Launches Zone Economics Tool for Farmers

"Conservis is independent, guarantees total data protection and has no loyalty to anyone except the farmer. Growers own their data and Conservis rigorously adheres to the privacy standards adopted by Ag Data Transparent."

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