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What Does It Mean to be Ag Data Transparent?

The last few months, we've had our sights set on what ADT Certified Companies think it means to be Ag Data Transparent, but what does it mean according to ADT? Take a look at our Core Principles and the technicalities of what it takes for your company to become ADT Certified.

Ag Data Transparent

In 2014, American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) observed that many of its farmer-members were concerned about the variety of new ag data products that were arriving on the market. What would happen to ag data once provided to these platforms? Would the tech providers use this data for their own purposes? Could the farmer ever get this data back? Should they trust these providers, which included legacy companies like John Deere that were developing new cloud-based products, as well as new startups from Silicon Valley and the Midwest?

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The Heart of Ag Data Transparent

The recent evolution of precision agriculture and farm data is providing farmers with tools, which can help to increase productivity and profitability. As that technology continues to evolve, the undersigned organizations and companies believe the following data principles should be adopted by each Agriculture Technology Provider (ATP).

It is imperative that an ATP’s principles, policies, and practices be consistent with each company’s contracts with farmers. The undersigned organizations are committed to ongoing engagement and dialogue regarding this rapidly developing technology.

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Ag Data Transparent was formed around 13 core principles to help simplify relationships between farms and data companies. Over the next 7 weeks, we will be highlighting these 13 Core Principles.

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ADT Member Company AgDNA Acquired by CNH Industrial

Amsterdam-based farm equipment group CNH Industrial has agreed to buy Australian farm management software platform AgDNA.

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Technology on the Dairy

Read about how My Dairy Dashboard is helping dairies understand their herds better with technology and data.

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