Ag Data Categories


The first question that any ag tech company should ask when drafting its data use policy is: What types of ag data does our platform collect?  This question is essential to the Ag Data Transparent certification.  Every evaluation requires companies to select which categories of data the company collects.  The first five categories were developed by AgGateway.  The final category, Livestock Data, was added to accommodate the emerging segment of livestock data platforms. 



Land Data

  • Conservation data
  • Tillage practice data
  • Water management data
  • Soil and fertility data
    • Soil test data
    • Nutrient management data
    • Waste management data
  • Environmental and ecological data
    • Watershed data
    • Topological data
    • Elevation data and derivatives
    • Drainage data
  • Geospatial Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), & Field Boundary data
    • Ground-based machine data
    • Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) data
    • Sensor Collection System (EC/EM) data
    • Remote sensing including Radar, Spectral, & Lidar data


Agronomic Data

  • Crop Seed data
    • Genetics data
    • Production Attribute data
  • Planting data
    • Recommendation data
    • Prescription data
    • Work Order data
    • As Planted data
  • Yield data
    • Attribute data
    • Quality data
  • Disease and Pest Management data
    • Crop Protection data (Herbicide, Insecticide, Fungicide)
    • Crop Protection Use and Application Rates data
    • Prescription data
    • Work Order data
    • As Treated / As Applied data
  • Crop Nutrition data
    • Sampling data
    • Application and use of Biological Fertilizer data
    • Application and use of Crop Protection Fertilizer data
    • Prescription data
    • Work Order data
    • As Treated / As Applied fertility treatment data
    • Pollinators

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Machine Data

  • Rolling and Fixed Assets data
  • Machine health and operation technique data
    • Energy & Fuel Use
    • Machine Load
    • Equipment Reference data
    • Equipment Function
    • Milk parlor equipment information (system, not animal data)
  • Other livestock equipment information (robots, sensory equipment, etc) 


Farm Management Data

  • Business Operations
    • Financial & Tax
    • Operating & Land Loans
    • Office files
    • Capacity / Timing data
    • Farm Labor and Contracts
    • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain data
    • POS data
    • Partnerships
    • Customer data
    • Supplier data 
  • Transport and Storage data
  • Commodity prices (input and output pricing)
  • Reporting and Compliance data


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Climate and Weather Data

  • Weather stations
  • Soil probes
  • Sensor data
  • Temperature and humidity data (on farm)

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Livestock Data

  • Identification and pedigree information
  • Performance information (production, reproduction, longevity, feed efficiency, rib eye area, etc.)
  • Quality information (somatic cell, milk components, marbling, etc.)
  • Health information (health events, treatments, etc.)
  • Genetic and genomic information
  • Management information on individual animals from on-farm management machines or systems (milking speed, robot efficiency, feed intake, rumination, animal weights, etc.)