To help ag tech providers become Ag Data Transparent, we built a Model Ag Data Use Agreement based on our Core Principles.

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What is it?

Many ag tech providers do not know where to begin when addressing the issues arising from collection, use, storage, and transfer of agricultural data. Other providers simply copy existing agreements used by other industries. This creates complexity, inconsistency, and confusion for farmers trying to understand the contracts they are asked to sign. To address these problems, we have created a “Model” Ag Data Use Agreement that can serve as a template for companies wanting to become Ag Data Transparent certified.

How does it work?

The Model Agreement is built from the ground up to address farmers’ privacy concerns, beginning with ag data’s creation (origination) and ending when ag data is deleted (termination): 

  1. Origination:  What information is collected?  How is “ag data” defined? The Model Agreement provides example categories and collectively defines these categories as “Ag Data.”

  2. Ownership:  The Model Agreement contains a promise to treat ag data as owned by its originator. All rights and obligations flow from this point.

  3. Storage: The Model Agreement explains how the tech provider uses ag data (internal use) and how that ag data can be shared with third parties (external use).

  4. Termination:  The Model Agreement address the end of the relationship with the tech provider. How long is ag data stored? Can the user delete ag data or transfer to another platform?

Is the Model Agreement compliant with the Ag Data Transparent certification?

Of course! A company that adopts the Model Agreement has all of the building blocks for Ag Data Transparent certification. The Model Agreement is based upon the Core Principles and answers each of the 10 Questions used for the certification process.

The Model Agreement does not replace a traditional privacy policy and does not address collection of personally identifiable information. However, the Model Agreement should work in harmony with a company’s privacy policy and other online contracts.

Where can I get a copy?

The Model Ag Data Use Agreement, together with instructions, is available for download after submitting the information below. We request your contact information so that we can (1) track the number of people downloading the Model Agreement; (2) follow up with you about becoming Ag Data Transparent; and (3) include you on our periodic e-newsletter to keep you informed about ADT effort.



Download the Model Ag Data Use Agreement

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Disclaimer/Inquiries:  The Model Ag Data Use Agreement is provided to assist companies with compliance with the Ag Data Transparent certification standard. The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Inc. is not providing legal advice and makes no warranties regarding the Model Agreement’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Consult an attorney for compliance with data privacy laws and regulations. Please direct questions regarding the Model Ag Data Use Agreement to Todd J. Janzen, Janzen Agricultural Law LLC, email: