How much does it cost to participate?

  • The Ag Data Transparent project is funded by certified companies, and therefore a small fee is charged to participate. 
    • Startup Companies: $2,000.  A startup is a company less than 4 years old.
    • Medium-sized Companies: $4,000.  A medium-sized company is older than a startup but does not have annual sales large enough to fit into the Large Company category.
    • Large Companies: $6,000.  A large provider is a participant with annual sales greater than $100 million.

My company wants to participate. How do we sign up?

  • Fill out the registration form here: Become Certified.
  • The Administrator will send you the Master Services Agreement and 10 question evaluation form.

Who conducts the evaluations?

What happens when the certification process reveals an issue that prevents awarding the Ag Data Transparent seal?

  • If the evaluation reveals an issue, the administrator contacts the provider, explains the issue, and suggests revisions. None of these discussions are made public.
  • The provider decides whether to revise its answers, revise its contracts to achieve compliance, or the provider can withdraw from evaluation. The Ag Data Transparent website does not identify ATPs that withdraw from evaluation.

What happens if an ATP changes its contracts after the evaluation?

  • If a provider revises its contracts after becoming certified, the provider must undertake a new certification. 

Is this project affiliated with the Ag Data Coalition, AgGateway, or another ag data organization?

  • No.  The Ag Data Transparent project is independent from these other ag data projects. 

Is this project secretly controlled by the ag industry’s large corporations?

  • The project is controlled by a non-profit corporation, whose board members come from two groups:  farmer-led organizations and small, medium, and large ag tech providers. 
  • All significant decisions must be approved by a majority of the farmer-led organizations, such as American Farm Bureau Federation, National Farmers Union, and American Soybean Association.

This information is provided for informational purposes only.  The terms of the Master Service Agreement shall govern any contractual matters with the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Inc.