First Brazilian Company Certified as Ag Data Transparent

ProdutorAgro Ltda recently became the first Brazilian company to achieve Ag Data Transparent certification.  

ProductorAgro Square.jpg

ProdutorAgro is an ag tech company specialized in building go-to market tools for input resellers, industries, grain traders and agronomic service providers. ProdutorAgro solutions include an e-commerce marketplace, a barter payment platform, geospatial CRM and credit analysis tools, and a pest management and scouting system.

ProdutorAgro is located Sao Paulo, Brazil.  You can learn more about its products on its website.

"Modern farmers everywhere have concerns with data privacy. It is fantastic to see the Ag Data Transparent certification in use in other countries. In the last year, we've added companies from Canada, Australia, and now Brazil to our list of Ag Data Transparent companies," says Todd Janzen, Administrator of the project. 

You can visit the ProdutorAgro certification here: 10 Question Evaluation.


Todd Janzen