Beck's looking out for customers with ADT Certification

Everyone has a different reason for becoming Ag Data Transparent (ADT) certified. For some, that reason is necessity. Newer companies often require backing by an organization like ADT to gain customers’ trust. Other businesses, like Beck’s, already have long-established relationships with their customers. Their reason for getting ADT certified? It’s best practice.

Beck’s data management platform, FARMserver®, was launched in the summer of 2013 and was built based on in-depth research and grower feedback. That is still how they build and implement new tools today.

“Our customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to be more profitable in the field,” said Beck’s Precision Farming Lead, Craig Rogers. “We listen to those needs and build tools to help our customers do just that. All of our tools are built from feedback gained by speaking directly with farmers.”

With the farmers’ best interests in mind, Beck’s continues to research the market to evaluate viable partners for new tools or they determine if they need to build the tools themselves. In the case of ag data management, they decided to build it themselves.

FARMserver’s mission is the same as Beck’s mission: to help farmers succeed. Using their web-based tool, farmers and their trusted advisors can collect and analyze data from their farms to make more informed decisions and increase productivity. The platform is free to any Beck’s corn or soybean customer.

While Beck’s has not had any specific struggles collecting customer data and keeping that data safe, they have still found their ADT certification to be beneficial. “It is our duty to show our customers that we are doing everything we can do to protect them and their data,” Rogers pointed out. “For us, being ADT certified is proof that we are watching out for our customers.”

Mark Sullivan