Ag Data Transparent Releases Model Ag Data Use Agreement

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Ag Data Transparent Releases Model Ag Data Use Agreement

Model Agreement intended to simplify ag data contracts for farmers and ag tech providers

.Indianapolis – Ag Data Transparent (ADT) is excited to announce the release of a Model Ag Data Use Agreement for use by ag technology providers. The Model Agreement was released via the ADT June newsletter and can be downloaded free of charge from

ADT’s Model Ag Data Use Agreement is based on the company’s 13 Core Principles which ensure privacy and security for ag data. The Model Agreement addresses farmers’ data security concerns at all stages of the data cycle: starting with origination, covering storage and usage, and concluding with termination of a contract.

“So often farmers and ranchers get lost in complicated, wordy or vague contracts,” says Todd Janzen, agricultural lawyer and Administrator of Ag Data Transparent. “Our goal is to make life simpler for both ag tech providers and farmers by offering guidance for clear and consistent communication.”

The Ag Data Use Agreement is a 4-page document that can be adapted to any ag tech company’s needs. The document does not take the place of a traditional privacy policy nor does it address collection of personally identifiable information. Instead, it is intended to work in harmony with these other documents provided by the company.

“Figuring out where to start with foundational data principles is a stumbling block for a lot of companies. This model agreement gives ag tech providers an excellent starting point to ensure they are building trust and transparency – which is definitely a win-win-win for ag tech providers, tech users and the ag industry.” Laura Klemmer, Legal counsel at FCC

Based out of Indianapolis, IN, Ag Data Transparent was founded as a nonprofit in 2016 with a mission of promoting ag tech companies that are taking necessary steps to ensure ag data privacy and security and simplifying data usage contracts so that farmers and ranchers understand where and how their data is being used.

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