Education, communication, and best practices are AgDNA priorities

When it comes to collecting and utilizing ag data, AgDNA knows a thing or two. So, when Ag Data Transparent came onto the scene offering companies and farmers education around best practices for their data, AgDNA was excited to get involved. Machine data, operational logistics, and financial data all reside in AgDNA. With all that information in one place, AgDNA has always been focused on ensuring that the data is secure and private.

Since its start in 2013, AgDNA’s founder Paul Turner has been focused on helping farmers put all of their information in one place and then build tools around it to view, analyze, and ultimately make decisions that help improve the operations bottom line. AgDNA currently manages over 1.6 million acres of farm ground through 400 dealer locations covering a wide variety of crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, potatoes, tobacco, wheat, peppers and many more. From the beginning, AgDNA has worked to put farmers minds at ease about where the data is stored, who has access to it, and what is being done with. The ADT Certification has simply helped to make communicating these efforts easier with a clear message summarized in the ADT Seal on AgDNA’s website.

On a recent farm visit with a potential customer in Kansas, Key Account Manager for AgDNA and Board member for Ag Data Transparent Mark Sullivan was asked the question “What are you doing with my data?” After a simple conversation around ADT, what they stand for, and what the certification means, the customer had all of the information they needed to understand where their data would be stored, how it would be protected, who would have access to it, etc. This very simple conversation created a great experience for the grower to have his mind put at ease and streamlined the sales process by eliminating that objection as an obstacle for AgDNA.

Mark Sullivan