Conservis - Simply by Listening

In 2009, one of the future founders of Conservis had just finished speaking at an ag conference when a group of farmers approached his table. They were having a heck of a time with harvest and were beyond frustrated. There were multiple trucks in multiple fields running to multiple destinations. Spreadsheets, hand-written records and receipts were piling up. Trying to manage it all—from scheduling to tracking yields to reconciling payments—was out of control. Real money was blowing away in the wind. That’s how Conservis got its start one decade ago: simply by listening.

Listening is still an integral part of product development at Conservis. “A farmer once told us he wanted technology that was straightforward and hard to screw up. It is with this in mind that we develop our product,” explains Michael Borman. “Vendors who truly support the growers’ needs should be supporting digital connectivity because data entry is the single biggest barrier to user adoption.”

The mission of Conservis is to help growers and producers meet the increasing global demand for agricultural products. Its trusted agriculture management solutions help businesses and investors make better decisions, lead more effective operations, share information with stakeholders, improve trace-ability, manage risk, and implement sustainable practices. The Conservis vision is to unify the farm’s data. The company plans to be the recognized global leader in agriculture management solutions, empowering growers and producers with the information needed to achieve success.

One of the primary benefits of working with a mature platform like Conservis is data security. Conservis’s systems and data are hosted with Amazon’s AWS which is the gold standard for data security. In addition, employee access to grower data within Conservis is very tightly controlled and limited to members of the customer success team. They do not, nor have they ever, marketed grower data to 3rd parties. Grower data is always safe and secure with Conservis. So how do they prove this to their customers?

As data management gradually became a more important topic in agriculture, becoming ADT certified was a no-brainer for Conservis.

“We believe in what ADT stands for and it’s trying to accomplish in the market – real transparency and a true set of generally accepted practices for how to handle and care for grower data. We believe that supporting ADT is the best way to help speed the adoption of ADT standards across the industry as whole. We believe that being ADT certified is a valuable way to show our customers that we are serious about data privacy and transparency.”

Mark Sullivan